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Episode 51|Take It Easy | Story behind an elope !

Episode 51|Take It Easy | Story behind an elope !

Episode 52|Take It Easy |How to treat guests?

Episode 53|Take It Easy | If a photographer become an Terrorist !

Episode 54|Take It Easy | "Car Engine Out Completely... We are Doing a Car.."

Episode 55|Take It Easy | High price for Love !

Episode 56|Take It Easy | The prestige issue of the interview!

Episode 57|Take It Easy |Teena pranked by Rosemary

Episode 58|Take It Easy |Adichu mone lottery !!!

Episode 59|Take It Easy |Genghis Khan is a Himalayan Monk

Episode 60|Take It Easy |"Petrol in the Diesel Car"

Episode 61|Take It Easy |An accidental karate kill bill story

Episode 62|Take It Easy |Bribery to Vigilence Officer

Episode 63|Take It Easy |Lucky through Diamonds!

Episode 64|Take It Easy | A Man Traped in Mental Patient

Episode 65|Take It Easy |Lalu & Lijo Pranked Nijo

Episode 66|Take It Easy |Husband Pranked Wife

Episode 67|Take It Easy | A Marriage Proposal Story

Episode 68|Take It Easy |Vijay Babu gets pranked on his birthday

Episode 69|Take It Easy |Sachin & Hussain Pranked Anoop

Episode 70|Take It Easy |A Carnival Party

Episode 71|Take It Easy |Mistrust between Husband & Wife

Episode 72|Take It Easy |Students pranked their Teacher

Episode 73|Take It Easy |Shadow Police arrest girls

Episode 74|Take It Easy |Secret Data Hacked?

Episode 75|Take It Easy |Durga vishwanath & Meera Pranked their Friends

Episode 76|Take It Easy |Fined Rs 75 lakhs for copying?

Episode 77|Take It Easy |Made to pay for own birthday surprise gift

Episode 78|Take It Easy |Students prank their +2 teacher

Episode 79|Take It Easy |Story of an unexpected phone call

Episode 80|Take It Easy |Arrested for smuggling spirit in sold vehicle

Episode 81|Take It Easy |Onam Spl Surprise Gift with Suresh Gopi

Episode 82|Take It Easy |Ziyad's saloon, Ziyad speaks...

Episode 83|Take It Easy |College students re-union Prank

Episode 84|Take It Easy |Land for sale (no brokers pls)

Episode 85|Take It Easy |Accused for stealing gold necklace

Episode 86|Take It Easy |Girl trapped by a Auto Driver

Episode 87|Take It Easy |A Teacher Responsibility Story

Episode 88|Take It Easy |Ambily pranked Reshmi

Episode 89|Take It Easy |Actress Stephy Leon pranks her husband