ManoramaMax offers Entertainment & News content in Malayalam. Mazhavil Manorama shows, Manorama News bulletins and Originals.



1. What is Premium Membership?

A. To access some of the content on ManoramaMAX, you need to pay a subscription charge. The content included are Malayalam Movies, MAX Original shows and early access to the shows of Mazhavil Manorama (except Udan Panam 3.0 & Super 4 Season 2) at 6 PM every day. This covers all the new titles that will be launched during the period of the subscription. The premium membership is non-refundable. Meanwhile, all our free content continues to be available for free for all users.

2. What content will be available within Premium membership?

A. The content which comes under premium membership are Malayalam movies, the MAX Original shows and exclusive early access to the shows of Mazhavil Manorama (except Udan Panam 3.0 & Super 4 Season 2) at 6 PM every day.

3. How do I go about getting a premium membership?

A. Log in to or on the ManoramaMAX app on Apple or Android devices with your Manorama ID, Facebook ID or Google ID. Click on a premium content piece with the ‘lock’ icon on it. Enter your payment details. And you’re done!

4. Is this service available outside India?

A. Yes, it is available all over the World. For locations outside India, the subscription fee is $14.99/year (in equivalent local currency as applicable)

5. What is the validity of the membership?

A. The premium membership is valid for a period of one year from the date of subscription

6. What are the restrictions on my membership?

A. As of now, we restrict the users on Premium membership to 3 devices to prevent misuse of your account. Hence, if you see the error “you are trying to access the service from more than 3 accounts”, check the number of devices, shut down the ones you are not using and continue to enjoy the service from the 3 devices after refreshing the feeds.

7. What are the system requirements for enjoying premium membership?

A. Below are the applicable browsers/devices through which premium content can be best enjoyed: • Google Chrome v49.x

• Mozilla Firefox v44.x

• Microsoft Edge v

• Microsoft Windows

• Android 4.4+

• iOS 9+

• Google Chromecast

• Javascript and cookies should be enabled on your browser.

Also, pop-up blockers, if any, should be unblocked.

8. What does DRM stand for?

A. Our premium content is all DRM protected. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management whereby the content cannot be transferred, copied or even modified. To play DRM protected video content, your device should also support DRM.


9. I am facing issues during video playback. What should I do?

A. Please ensure that you are logged in with the right credentials. Also, please ensure that cookies are enabled on your browser. If you are getting to see a streaming error due to simultaneous viewing on your account from multiple devices, please close all other streaming videos from the other devices and do a refresh on your current device to resume watching.

10. Is it possible to watch ManoramaMAX on my TV?

A. You can watch ManoramaMAX on TV using Google Chromecast.

11. Is there support for Fire Stick as of now?

A. ManoramaMAX is not currently available on Amazon Fire Stick.

12. Can I start using ManoramaMAX on Apple TV?

A. We do not have a version that supports Apple TV currently. We will surely keep you posted in future regarding updates on the same.

13. Is ManoramaMAX available on Android TV app/ is it supported by Smart TVs having separate OS?

A. We do not have a version that supports Android TV app currently. We will surely keep you posted in future regarding updates on the same.


14. What are the various payment modes available for subscription?

A. The payment modes available for subscription are Credit Cards and Debit cards. In case of credit card subscription, we will be auto-renewing your subscription at the end of the validity period as it is a recurring subscription. Once the membership is initiated, you shall be authorizing us to deduct applicable payments directly from your credit card.

15. How about payment modes like PayTM & other e-wallets, RuPay, BHIM etc.?

A. We currently have only Credit card and Debit card as our payment options and do not have support for e-wallets and payment modes like RuPay/BHIM etc.

16. How can I get to know my subscription details?

A. Your membership is a recurring subscription (in case of credit card payments) and the charges will be billed at the start of each billing cycle. Kindly note that Premium membership charges are non-refundable.

17. How can I view my payment history?

A. Currently, payment confirmation for premium membership would be reaching registered users as e-mail with a copy of the invoice upon successful payment. We are working towards inclusion of these details within the app/website itself and this feature is not currently there as of now.

18. Are the subscription charges inclusive of taxes?

A. Yes, subscription charges are inclusive of taxes

19. Is there a “Cash payment” option available for Premium membership?

A. No, we do not have a facility for cash payments. Kindly route all purchases of Premium membership via recognized online payment modes only.


20. How can I download & install ManoramaMAX?

A. You can search for “ManoramaMAX” on Google Play store/ Apple app store and download it yourself. Otherwise, you can access the same through direct links. Google Play store link: Apple app store link: Website version link:

21. How can I start using ManoramaMAX after installing the app?

A. For accessing content, you need to be logged in a user.

B. Once you have installed the app from Play store, you can open it and click on any content on app homepage.

C. It will prompt you to Login- > From here, you can login to ManoramaMAX using either your Google or Facebook credentials and then you may start viewing your choice of free content.

D. Kindly note that for accessing premium content (content with a lock icon on the image- Movies, Original series etc.), you will need to create a premium subscription which has a membership fee of Rs.499/year.

E. You can click on 'More' tab (Rightmost icon at the bottom of the home screen of the app) > click Premium in the menu -> you will enter a 'Subscribe' page-> click on One-year subscription icon -> Google play payment option pops up- > now you can choose your payment option- (if a payment option has been added already, else, you may add your credit card)

F. In case you do not wish to watch on your browser without downloading app, you can go directly to the website link for starting your subscription to ManoramaMAX.

22. How can I modify/recover my password?

A. Please click on the ‘Forgot Password’ and provide necessary details as instructed. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail ID with a link to reset your password.

23. How can I sign out of my account?

A. You may do so from by clicking More on the homepage of app/website.

B. Click your registered mail ID that gets shown in the menu

C. ‘Log out’ option is shown-clicking here will log you out of your account

D. By doing so, you are only signing out from your current device. If you are signed in from any other device, you would have to sign out from the other device separately.

24. How can I keep my ManoramaMAX account secure?

A. It’s recommended to use a strong password and never share it with anyone as there might be unwarranted and unsolicited phishing attempts. Always remember to sign out of your device when you are using it on a public domain/network.

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